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The purpose of this program is to help leaders, managers and everyone to manage their stress, control their emotions and gain clarity.

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Because your time is important, we made a program that delivers its promise in only 13 minutes: creating a physically, emotionally and mentally relaxed state.

It is very effective to listen to it before an important meeting or a presentation and will positively affect your performance.


In few clicks you can experience a deep relaxation.



Be relaxed, Be Creative.

You can only have new ideas when you are in a relaxed state. RELAX4CLARITY will help you reduce the negative voice inside your head that prevents you from dreaming and imagining freely. The audio program lets you get in touch with the creative part of yourself naturally.

Connect with Yourself, Connect with Others.

The quality of the relationship with others is the same that we have with ourselves.When you learn how to connect with your body, emotions and thoughts,
you naturally improve the quality of your relationships.

Listen to your Gut Feeling, Make the Right Decisions.

Most of the time, we are rushing and running about to get things done. Various types of pressure that we are under create stress and some level of anxiety. This anxiety creates lots of inner talk which disturbs us when we need to make decisions. (space)Only a clear and peaceful mind can help you make the right decisions, RELAX4CLARITY will help you center yourself and understand what is important to you.

Awesome Features Item List

We picked the most effective item from our extensive experience in personal development
to create the best relaxation audio program.
to create the best relaxation audio program

Awesome Features Item List

We picked the best from our extensive experience in personal development
to create the best relaxation audio program


You will experience a truly deep state of relaxation. The program has been designed based on 30 years of hypnosis and relaxation technique practices.


We wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere with the design itself; beautiful water background, simple button design, water effect animation.


The sound quality of the app was created to reinforce the feeling of relaxation. (space) The audio program music was created by Takumi Kaneko, a very talented Japanese Jazz pianist.


Each relaxation session has its own purpose. To keep record of your deep experience, you can write a memo right after the session.


RELAX4CLARITY has been designed to be used without looking at any tutorial. Nevertheless, an in-app tutorial is ready for you to make sure you will have the best experience. A guide can be turned on/off in the settings.


RELAX4CLARITY has been recorded in three languages; English, French and Japanese. More than a translation, the audio program has been made to fit the cultures as well.


RELAX4CLARITY app has been designed separately to have the best experience on both iPhone and iPad.


Your memos are saved on iCloud and are synced automatically.


Works from OS7 on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. The app will be updated regularly to increase the latest features of the OS.


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A long story

The story starts 30 years ago in a little village in France, where Philippe Grall discovered the mind/body relaxation through an audio program. At 15 year old he had a hard time to control himself, was very nervous and extremely judgmental. He could experience the real benefit  of relaxation. Since then, Philippe hasn’t stopped to study techniques to become positive and feel good about himself like relaxation, hypnosis and some personal development techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programing. He is now a coach for executive who is helping leaders to get better by using the same techniques he used for himself.

A dream comes true

For 10 years, he has been thinking about developing an audio program to help people. The support of Akiko Oka, who has been working with Philippe for 7 years, helped make this happen. As a sound expert in the movie industry, she could create an audio program with very high sound quality.  

Pay forward 

Today Philippe wants to help people in the same way the audio program helped him resolve his problems 30 years ago.

A high quality program 

Philippe has listened to dozens of relaxation and self-hypnosis audio programs, tried
many apps as well. His conclusion is that most of them are too long, and have too many explanations and instructions. The relaxation music most of the time is created by synthesizers with some wave sounds in the background. Based on these observations, Akiko and Philippe decided to create an audio program, which would be made with the same spirit of making a song with the expertise of relaxation and self-hypnosis.

A dream team for the audio program

They decided to ask Alex Prat, a pro sound designer, based in NYC, and working on projects all over the world to find the right cast of musicians and sound engineers to create the perfect music for this audio program project. After a while Alex came back to Philippe and Akiko with a real team of professionals, Takumi Kaneko and Isao Kumano. First, Takumi Kaneko, an extremely talented Jazz pianist, who had studied music at Berkeley College of Music, came on board. The chemistry between Philippe and Takumi was apparent right away. Takumi could find the right tone of the music for the relaxation program.  

They spent two days in a music studio recording two audio programs in English, French and Japanese. Akiko did not allow any outside noise to remain on the track. Philippe, Akiko, Alex, Takumi and Isao were totally committed to creating an outstanding audio program. 

A beautiful app 

The next challenge was to create a very simple and nice app to go with the audio program. The names, which popped up in Philippe and Akiko’s minds, were Marc Cellucci and Rok Dovecar. Marc Cellucci, founder of Mission One, a successful game creation company in Tokyo, designed the first equilibre Inc.’s app named Goal2Action five years ago. Rok Dovecar, graphic designer and app developer, understood exactly Philippe’s artistic taste. Long hours of discussions, modifications and refinements were necessary to create the exact app that Philippe had in mind. Marc and Rok completed the project with professionalism and flexibility. 

A perfect integration

Philippe and Akiko then asked Alex and Isao to create the simple sounds to match the visual atmosphere in order to create a harmonious audio program app.
We hope you will find their soul in Relax4Clarity.

We hope you will find their soul in RELAX4CLARITY.

We Help People
to Shine in Business & Life

by Inspiring them Believe in Themselves & Realise their Dreams

We are a team of passionate people, dedicated to do
what ever it takes to help you to feel great about yourself.

Philippe Grall



Philippe Grall

Equilibre Inc.’s Founder

Senior Executive Coach
Audio Program & App Creator
I hope that you will enjoy your audio program and
get all the benefits of relaxation for your life.

Tokyo, Japan

Akiko Oka

Partner – Marketing Manager

Audio Program Manager
Tokyo, Japan


Alex Prat


Sonic Brand Designer
New-York, USA

Takumi Kaneko

Jazz Pianist

Music Composer
Tokyo, Japan

Isao Kumano

Founder of PHONON Inc.

Sound Engineer
Tokyo, Japan



Marc Cellucci

Mission One’s Founder

App Project Manager
“We are proud to bring you RELAX4CLARITY,
and are confident it will provide you an experience unlike any other app.”

Tokyo, Japan

Rok Dovecar

Graphic Designer

App Developper
Tokyo, Japan