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Learn to use your talents, create a vision, coach and motivate your team,
balance and use your positive emotions and create a strong influence.

Leaders share their coaching experience.

Discover the Structure
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8 components that will make you a Great Leader.

Develop your Leadership
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Our Specific Coaching Approach

The best Journey we have even made is the inner one. Discovering your talents, your values and, what you are really made for is inspiring.
We do not compromise in the quality of the relationship and communication. We do need to see, hear and feel your presence in person to get all information about your state and support you.

In addition, we use methods that require you to move physically in order to change your inner state. We care about your physical and mental comfort.

You will spend two full hours in each coaching session, face to face with your coach. We conduct no sessions by phone or Skype.

How often can you really be yourself and safely tell your real thoughts at the workplace or in life in general?

You will discover and experience how safe it is in a coaching relationship. There is no judgement, and no power games. You will appreciate the time where you can feel really listened to and understood. It is a rare and special experience.

Everything we provide you has been designed with commitment to simplicity, beautiful design, high quality content, and user-friendliness.

All methods and techniques we offer you are actually used for ourselves at équilibre.

We believe that the only person that can initiate the change in an organisation is its leader.

Each time we implemented a transformation process in an organization by starting with the President or CEO, and then working with his direct collaborators, it was a success.

For this reason, if you want to transform your organization, we will start from the top.

We teach you all the necessary techniques to manage yourself and others. Even after finishing the coaching program, you will be able to use these techniques by yourself and continue your personal development. You will be able to coach your teams.
All équilibre coaching materials are available for iPhone and iPad. They are designed to be fully integrated in your working life.

équilibre Coaching™Program

10 to 12 sessions

Two hour face to face sessions

Nine months to one year program

Frequency:  every 2-3 weeks

Original materials: textbook, mobile app, audio programs, assessments

Private access to online additional resources

équilibre  Team

Philippe Grall

équilibre k.k.'s Founder

Senior Leadership Coach
for Executives

Philippe's Mission

To Inspire People to Shine in Business & Life

Akiko Oka

équilibre k.k.'s Partner

Marketing Manager

Akiko's Mission

To Enrich People's Lives

Michel Lachaussee

équilibre k.k.'s Coach

Senior Leadership Coach
for Executives

Michel's Mission

To Help People
to Realize Themselves
Through LOVE, JOY and HUMOR

Coaching Places 

Equilibre Coaching Places

2 places in Tokyo – Kagurazaka & Meguro

An ideal environment to reflect on yourself and get positive energy.

Palette @ Silver Hills Kagurazaka

Prive room- Very comfortable

Silver Hills Bldg.
2 – 12, Shirogane-Cho,
Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0186

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

Pandora Coffee Shop – Very comfortable
Beautiful Japanese Garden

1 – 8 – 1, Kamimeguro
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064

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Company’s Information 

If you come by car, please inform us in advance. We can reserve the parking place just in front of the building.

Tozai line

Kagurazaka Station – Exit 1 – 5 minute walk


Namboku line – Yurakucho Line

Iidabashi Station – Exit 3b – 10 minute walk


Silver Hills Building 202
2-12, Shirogane-cho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0816
Tel: + 81-3-5530-8300

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